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About Backerhaus
Backerhaus was founded in 1978 at Little Rock as a family-owned business specializing in print media—newsletters and brochures. Clients included ad agencies and non-profit organizations.

In 1986, Backerhaus moved its headquarters to Houston. In 1997, audio and video production was added to serve various clients including training tapes for the University of Houston Classical Languages department.

By 1998, the business moved again, this time to San Antonio where it has been located since. Web development was added to its line up of services. At this time, the firm dropped its print media from its products line-up.

To support various organizations who had a need to meet project management needs, CR-DR Tracker was introduced. It paved the way for successful deliverables for government contracts and accreditation requirements. In 2018, the web-based product was renamed as maxQM. To learn more about this product, choose maxQM.

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